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Big cats with circles and rosettes

Let’s start with seeing the differences in those big cats that have black spots on tan; the cheetah, the leopard, and the jaguar. The IKs* are fairly simple, and if you can remember them, you will never have trouble telling … Continue reading

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Hunting with Cheetahs, 1939

This is a National Geographic video, from 1939, of an Indian prince using cheetahs to hunt.

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What roars and what doesn’t

These are the true big cats…because they can roar!  But there are four more felines traditionally called big cats who cannot roar, but are….well….big! See those below: Stay tuned for my next post where you will learn to identify the … Continue reading

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How to be a BIG cat…

So what do you have to do to be classified as a big cat? You have to be able to…. roar! An expanded classification of big cats also includes four more felines that can’t roar, but are big in size. … Continue reading

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The REAL king of beasts

The cheetah is my favorite big cat.  It has its own little genus and species, its own little idiosyncrasies. It’s a cat that has little talent for climbing, but can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 3 seconds…faster than … Continue reading

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Something phony about this guy…

Looks like a gharial…but it’s not!  This is the False gharial, classified as a freshwater crocodile. It is found in Malaysia, Sumatra, and Borneo. Check out the differences close-up in the snouts of the False gharial and the real gharial … Continue reading

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The Great White…alligator??

Alligators and crocodiles can be born albino.  This means they are without pigment, or coloration.  A true albino has pale skin and red eyes, like Whitie here, an albino alligator at the Serengeti Park in Hodenhagen, Germany. But alligators and crocodiles … Continue reading

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Crocodilian correctness

Here are the answers to the last post on crocodiles.  Check it out and see well you did!

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