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Seeing spots…a Big Cat test

We’ve been through all the big cats now, and I just want to know one thing. Can you identify a big cat when you see one? Let’s start with the fur. Take a look at all the fur samples below, … Continue reading

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Maneless Lions and Man-Eaters

In certain climates, adult male lions delay growing a mane until they are much older; these lions are known as maneless lions. And strangely enough, three of the most notorious man-eating lions were maneless! The largest man eating lion on … Continue reading

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The King!

The King of Beasts!   Most people can identify a male lion with no problem. There are eight subspecies of lion, most of which live in Africa. A small number of Asiatic lions live in the Gir Forest in India. … Continue reading

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What is a black panther, anyway?

Black panthers are any member of the big cat family (roaring and non-roaring) that are born with an entirely black or very dark pelt. So a black panther isn’t a certain species of cat, but a color. For example, a … Continue reading

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YouTube – Eastern Cougar Declared Extinct

YouTube – Eastern Cougar Declared Extinct.

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Ligers, Tigons, and Bears, oh my!

Okay, not bears. Not today anyway! We are still exploring the big cats and since we’ve been discovering tigers, let me introduce you to the liger and the tigon!* The liger and the tigon are half tiger and half lion. … Continue reading

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Big Cats and their pumpkins!


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Golden tabby tigers

So you thought tigers just came in orange/black and white/black?  There are actually rare tiger colors that are not as well-known. The golden tabby, above, has dark orange stripes instead of black. The black tiger has wider stripes and more … Continue reading

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Tiger, tiger burning white….

The legendary white tiger.  The tiger of choice for Indian royalty. A rare cat stalking through the jungle…well, not so rare anymore.  There are several hundred around the world and their numbers are growing.  Why?  Zoos and animal attractions know … Continue reading

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If you blink, they’ll be gone…

The largest cat in the world is the tiger. There are six existing subspecies and three that are extinct. The remaining tigers are all in grave danger of extinction as well. Some predict that in ten years, all tigers will be … Continue reading

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