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Seeing spots…a Big Cat test

We’ve been through all the big cats now, and I just want to know one thing. Can you identify a big cat when you see one? Let’s start with the fur. Take a look at all the fur samples below, … Continue reading

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If you blink, they’ll be gone…

The largest cat in the world is the tiger. There are six existing subspecies and three that are extinct. The remaining tigers are all in grave danger of extinction as well. Some predict that in ten years, all tigers will be … Continue reading

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Sneak cat and Catawampus

This big cat has over 40 names in English; names like Mountain Screamer and Deer Tiger, Swamp Lion and Indian Devil**. But we are more familiar with the names Cougar, Puma, and Mountain Lion. Cougars are the fourth largest cat … Continue reading

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Big cats with circles and rosettes

Let’s start with seeing the differences in those big cats that have black spots on tan; the cheetah, the leopard, and the jaguar. The IKs* are fairly simple, and if you can remember them, you will never have trouble telling … Continue reading

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How to be a BIG cat…

So what do you have to do to be classified as a big cat? You have to be able to…. roar! An expanded classification of big cats also includes four more felines that can’t roar, but are big in size. … Continue reading

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The REAL king of beasts

The cheetah is my favorite big cat.  It has its own little genus and species, its own little idiosyncrasies. It’s a cat that has little talent for climbing, but can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 3 seconds…faster than … Continue reading

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The Poor Huemul


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Zonkeys and zorses (or hebras?)

Yes, donkeys and zebras can breed and have babies!  The above foal was born to a donkey mother, fathered by a zebra. I like this little guy, half horse, half zebra.  The flank stripes make me think the zebra was … Continue reading

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Zebra resurrection?

The photo above shows the quagga, a subspecies of the plains zebra that became extinct when the last one died in the London Zoo in Regent’s Park in 1870. This photo is a modern Plains zebra that is part of the … Continue reading

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The dark side of zebras

    Sometimes, zebras are born with some strange stripe patterns.  These zebras are called black zebras. These photos all illustrate the variety possible in the stripes or, in the bottom photo, “spots” of the zebra.

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