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Maneless Lions and Man-Eaters

In certain climates, adult male lions delay growing a mane until they are much older; these lions are known as maneless lions. And strangely enough, three of the most notorious man-eating lions were maneless! The largest man eating lion on … Continue reading

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What is a black panther, anyway?

Black panthers are any member of the big cat family (roaring and non-roaring) that are born with an entirely black or very dark pelt. So a black panther isn’t a certain species of cat, but a color. For example, a … Continue reading

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Big Cats and their pumpkins!


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Golden tabby tigers

So you thought tigers just came in orange/black and white/black?  There are actually rare tiger colors that are not as well-known. The golden tabby, above, has dark orange stripes instead of black. The black tiger has wider stripes and more … Continue reading

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Sneak cat and Catawampus

This big cat has over 40 names in English; names like Mountain Screamer and Deer Tiger, Swamp Lion and Indian Devil**. But we are more familiar with the names Cougar, Puma, and Mountain Lion. Cougars are the fourth largest cat … Continue reading

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What roars and what doesn’t

These are the true big cats…because they can roar!  But there are four more felines traditionally called big cats who cannot roar, but are….well….big! See those below: Stay tuned for my next post where you will learn to identify the … Continue reading

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The Great White…alligator??

Alligators and crocodiles can be born albino.  This means they are without pigment, or coloration.  A true albino has pale skin and red eyes, like Whitie here, an albino alligator at the Serengeti Park in Hodenhagen, Germany. But alligators and crocodiles … Continue reading

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Crocodilian correctness

Here are the answers to the last post on crocodiles.  Check it out and see well you did!

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